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FunCation Academy is an academic resource company with a unique educational program for parents & students starting non-traditional education. Our FAPrep+ Lite program is designed to help families seamlessly transition into homeschooling while providing live teaching support in a self-paced online environment. 

Our FAPrep+ Lite program is perfect for families who need to temporarily homeschool their children or those who are curious about homeschooling. With FAPrep+ Lite, we provide a very low Introductory Fee of $19.99 a month for the 1st student and $9.99 a month for additional students for up to 3 months. Our Introductory Fee allows families to experience homeschooling with minimal risk.

We have created 3 easy steps to help you get started on your new academic journey. 

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Learn more about FunCation Academy, our vision, our mission, and our commitment to online safety. 

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Our online curriculum requires high-speed internet and flash.

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