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Live Learning Coaches

FunCation Academy offers an exclusive service for all of our members, access to live Learning Coaches. Our Learning Coaches are former educators who are now homeschool parents. Our coaches provide incredible support to our students and parents. We have coaches who specialize in helping students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and varying degrees of autism. 

FAPrep members can add additional support with our Teacher-Monitored Support Program. In our TMS program,  our coaches will create a weekly schedule for your student and monitor their daily progress. 

Our Learning Coaches provide five (5) levels of service.


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Student Activities

Offline Student Activities

We understand the importance of balancing online learning with offline learning, so we created exciting and engaging offline student activities for FAPrep students via the Hub and FAPrep+ and FA3D students via Showbie. 


Our student activities are theme-based with 5-7 activities in each theme. Once students have completed their activity, they can submit it for FunBucks.  


In addition to our theme-based activities, we also allow students to submit an unlimited number of book reports, complete a music challenge, monthly FunBuck challenges, and activities from FunClubs for additional FunBucks.


(See FunRewards for more detail).


Our FunClubs are a very popular feature, and students can make new friends and develop their creativity and communication skills.

FunClubs are available for all students!


We host three (3) interest-based FunClubs each week on Tuesday-Thursday.  


Students transport into one of our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms to participate in the FunClub. For the safety of the students, we disable their webcam, but the students are allowed to use their mics and chat boxes to communicate with the host and their peers. 

We offer several different FunClubs: Art Club, Book Club, Trivia Club, Chess Club, Birthday Club, Creative Writing Club, LEGO Club, Spelling Club, and Math Club.

Students have the opportunity to earn FunBucks for participating in each club. 


Our FunRewards program is a very exclusive program for our students. Students can earn FunBucks for participating and completing a wide variety of activities.

FunRewards are available to all students!

Each student will receive an individualized FunBank account that mimics an online bank account for their FunBucks. Students can monitor their deposits, withdrawals, and print bank statements. 

Every activity has a certain amount of FunBucks the student can earn. Once the student has submitted their activity, completed the challenge, or participated in a FunClub, we will add their FunBucks to their FunBank account.


After the student has earned enough FunBucks, they can redeem their prizes in our FunShop. All of the prizes are from Amazon.com and delivered to your front door at no additional cost. 

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