A Fully Support College Plus Program

FunCation Academy has designed a unique learning experience for the homeschooling community. FA3D is a private school-like experience with a homeschooling twist. As a complete program, we provide our students with a blend of online and project-based learning, additional activities, and unlimited academic support such as providing weekly schedules, monitoring daily progress, and unlimited live one-on-one coaching sessions.


We use our Student-Flex curriculum and blended it with portions of Edmentum's online curriculum to provide our students with a complete and robust curriculum. Our Student-Flex curriculum is student-led with hands-on projects.

Our students will have unlimited access to Learning Coaches & Centers to receive help on their online assignments or projects. Our projects are in-depth and designed for students to discover their own path to knowledge. Many of our projects are created to encourage peer collaboration while developing a higher level of thinking. 

FA3D is our College Plus program, which will prepare students for college and beyond. This program is structured and designed for students ages 11+ who are motivated to learn, resilient, and not easily overwhelmed. FA3D is directed and guided by FunCation Academy's Academic Support Monitors and Coaching Team.

FA3D includes the following features:

Our Online Curriculum

We offer an extremely rigorous self-paced online  College Prep curriculum licensed through Edmentum.


Our curriculum is customized to the student's skill level based on their initial assessment results. We offer a mastery-based curriculum, and the student must demonstrate mastery by scoring an 80% or higher on their quizzes, Progress Checks, and tests before they can move forward. 

Students will have the opportunity to fill in any learning gaps to ensure a solid academic foundation. Our curriculum focuses on mastering one skill at a time.


Our Academic Support Monitors (ASM) will manage, monitor, and schedule all student's online assignments. 

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Our  Projects

FA3D has over 100 projects. Our projects are designed so students can discover their own pathway to knowledge.

Projects will vary from building and creating items to investigating and researching topics. Projects can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks to complete. 


Each project includes a driving question, up to 7 insightful questions to help the student develop a deeper level of thinking, and a hands-on project.


Each project also includes a self-reflections questionnaire to allow the student to self-evaluate,  the opportunity to present their project live in a Virtual Classroom, and access to a live Collaboration Classroom that fosters teamwork and communication skills. 

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Our Assessments


FunCation Academy's online curriculum begins with a comprehensive online assessment.


The assessment will begin at the age/grade level indicated on the student's enrollment form.


Our assessment will assess the entire K-12 spectrum and the questions will increase and decrease in difficulty based on the student's answer. Students are encouraged to answer each question to the best of their ability.


The assessment will ask approximately 3-5 questions per grade and skill level and can take approx. 45 minutes to complete each subject.

Frequent breaks are recommended. 


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Our  Academic Support Monitors (ASM)


The ASMs will monitor the student's progress, provide light intervention when needed, schedule daily/weekly assignments, coordinate with the Learning Coaches when they identify a student who needs one-on-one help on assignments and communicates with parents about their student's progress and schedule. 


Even though the ASM will provide a weekly schedule, the scheduling is 100% flexible so students can work at their own pace. 


ASM's will use our Learning-Management  System (LMS) Showbie, to communicate with both parents and students.


All assignments are graded by the Coaching Team.

Live Student Support


We provide access to Learning Coaches and Learning Centers for students who need additional support with their current lessons.  Students work with real Coaches in our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms.


Students will also have access to live Collaboration Classrooms to work on projects with their peers. An FA Staff member will be present in the Collaboration Classrooms to answer questions and monitor students.

Extra Features

We give our students a variety of fun extra features to balance our rigorous curriculum.  We have engaging campus activities, interest-based online FunClubs, FunBucks for completing projects, other FunRewards, and real prizes. 

Students and parents will have access to our Learning-Management  System (LMS) Showbie. In Showbie students can turn in & receive assignments, communicate with peers and coaches, and add final projects and assignments to their portfolio. 


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