Live Student Support

Our Coaching Team provides invaluable support for our students and parents. We offer flexible scheduling to support the life of a busy homeschooler. We also give guidance to students who need academic accommodations. Our Coaching Team works with parents to help them plan their student's academic journey. 


Our Learning Coaches provide five (5) levels of service. 

Quick access to our Learning Coaches via

our "Ask a Learning Coach" feature

Parents and students can send messages to the coaching team to ask questions about a lesson, teaching tips and ideas, double check an answer, etc.

Learning Centers

Students can join our live Learning Centers every Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and receive real-time help from a coach on their assignments, work in a small group with their peers, or complete their schoolwork for the day with a coach monitoring their progress and assisting when needed.

Parent Support


Our coaches are not just for our students. Parents can utilize our coaches to help with academic planning, teaching tips and ideas, additional worksheets, videos, websites, etc. 


*All coaching services are included in your tuition.*

One-on-One Coaching Sessions


Students can schedule a live one-on-one session in one of our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms to receive in-depth help on a current assignment.


FAPrep students will receive two (2) FREE 20-minute sessions a month. 

FAPrep+ students will receive four (4) FREE 20-minute sessions a month. 

FA3D students will receive unlimited FREE 20-minute sessions a month.



Our Learning Coach team grades all assignments including writing assignments and provides detailed feedback with the opportunity for students to edit and revise before resubmitting for a final grade.  If a student struggles with a writing assignment, they can schedule a one-on-one coaching session or visit the Learning Center for additional help. 

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