Our Curriculum

As part of the FAPrep+ Lite program, students will have access to a robust nationally recognized, engaging, and challenging curriculum. Students will be able to work at their own pace to master each academic skill. Here are the features that will be available to your student once you sign up.

1. Access to Live Teaching Support- Teaching support is available in our virtual Study Hall. Students are encouraged to transport into the classroom to ask questions or to receive help on a lesson when needed. A teacher will be available to help guide the student through their lessons using state-of-the-art features in the classroom, such as virtual whiteboards.


2. Real-time Monitoring and Intervention- We have dedicated staff monitoring your student's daily work and progress. Our Academic Support Monitors will identify if your student is struggling and will contact them via Showbie to initiate the intervention process. The intervention process includes Practice Center assignments, worksheets, study guide packets, and the Learning Center.


3. Student Activities and Socialization Opportunities- Students will have the opportunity to make new friends during our Live online interest-based clubs, as well as work on fun weekly off-line activities.


4. Parent's Role- Parents will be able to monitor their student's work and communications with the teachers using their Showbie account. Parents are encouraged to check their student's communication and intervention assignments in Showbie and verify that everything has been completed.


5. Training /Info Session- Once you sign up, you will be invited to join us as we demonstrate how to use Showbie, communicate with teachers, transport into Virtual Classrooms, and overall information on our FAPrep+ Lite program to ensure a seamless transition into homeschooling and FunCation Academy!





Due to the sudden change in the school system, we are offering a drastic discount to those who are temporarily schooling online. This offer will be available for 90 days.


$19.99 - 1st student / $9.99 for any additional student (not to exceed 90 days).


If you decide to continue using FunCation Academy, you must upgrade to our full FAPrep+ regular program. More information will be provided at the end of your 90 days.

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