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FunCation Academy offers three exciting and distinct programs; FAPrep, FAPrep+, and FA3D. All programs are designed to help enrich our students' academic journey.


FAPrep is our robust Independently Supported College Prep program designed for parents to be the primary teacher with coaching support when needed. In FAPrep,  parents and students will access to our comprehensive K-12 curriculum and  Resource Hub for additional supplemental/practice material.


FAPrep uses an engaging online curriculum that includes over 130 electives for high school students. Access to Showbie as an optional add-on feature.

FAPrep+ is our challenging Co-Supported College Prep program designed for parents who would like co-teaching support. The primary responsibility of the parent in FAPrep+ is to create and manage their student's daily/weekly schedule, verify the student has completed their intervention assignments, and provide any additional supplemental support as needed. FAPrep+ includes the same features as FAPrep, plus student progress monitoring and intervention. 

Our ASM's ( Academic Support Monitors) will monitor your student's progress daily and will provide intervention support, such as, additional instructional videos, worksheets, and live one-on-one help, when they notice your student is struggling with a quiz, test, or Progress Check.

FA3D is our rigorous Fully Supported College Plus program designed for parents who prefer to have FunCation Academy has the primary teacher.  Our ASM's (Academic Support Monitors) will create a weekly schedule, monitor their daily progress, provide intervention support, guide them through the project development process, assign elective activities, and track grades.

students ages 11+ with access to our interactive and highly engaging learning management system, Showbie.


 FA3D uses our project-based Student-Flex Learning curriculum for all electives including History and Science, a challenging online curriculum for the core subjects, and unlimited academic support, scheduling, and progress monitoring. 

Our programs are designed to prepare a student for college and beyond using two different approaches. FAPrep and FAPrep+ uses a traditional approach to college, while FA3D uses a modern approach that can be used towards college and beyond. 

The Major Differences Between Our Programs.


Independent Teaching with support as needed

Traditional Curriculum where

students demonstrate learning through

the traditional means of quizzes and test. 



Co-Teaching with daily student support

Traditional & Project-Based Curriculum with additional features to support independent student learning.


FunCation Academy Guided with full unlimited student support

Project-Based Curriculum where

students demonstrate learning through projects while also using a traditional curriculum for their core subjects. 

Complete Comparison Chart of our Programs

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