Are the assessments required?

Our curriculum is extremely adaptive and customized to your student's individual needs. To adequately prepare your student's daily lessons, they must take the assessment initially and each August.

We encourage frequent breaks. You can save and exit during the assessment and revisit it later. We strongly encourage you to have your child work on each assessment on different days.

The assessment is not a test. Your student will not pass or fail. It's simply gauging knowledge to find an accurate placement to meet your student on their exact skill level. If the student answers questions correctly, then the questions will move up the grade levels and get harder. If they start answering incorrectly, the questions will back down and get easier. Once the system is able to find where your student is, the assessment will end.

Assessments for students third grade and over usually take between 30-45 minutes per subject. If it takes your student longer, this usually indicates that your student is doing well and might be ahead of grade level.

For students with learning challenges or disabilities, we can make manual adjustments to the learning path if needed to accommodate their needs.

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