FunBuck Challenge

Can you create a maze?

Here is your opportunity to show us your skills.

Create your very own maze and share it with other students and earn $5 FunBucks! All maze submissions will be visible by other students on Campus and in the Resource Hub.

On Wednesday, you will then have the opportunity to solve the mazes created by your peers.

Your submission must have your name, be clearly drawn out on paper or using Google Drawings with a shareable link, and indicate if it is easy, medium, hard, or extremely hard. Only one submission per student.

Please make sure that your maze is challenging and clear to understand. All mazes must be submitted by no later than Wednesday at 12 pm est.

Students with access to the campus can submit their completed mazes via the Admin and Academic Hub. All other students can submit their mazes via the Resource Hub.

Let the challenge begin!

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