How do I cancel or pause my membership?

Members who pay monthly can pause their accounts without canceling for up to 90 days.

When you pause your account, it will temporarily deactivate your account. When you return your payment agreement will not change, and you will not have to re-enroll. Annual Members cannot pause their accounts since annual memberships run for 12 consecutive months.

To pause your membership, simply send us an email at

You should print any progress reports or documentation you might need during the pause of your enrollment. When you are ready to resume, email us again, letting us know you are ready to return.

Please allow a minimum of 24 business hours to process your request.

To cancel your membership, send us an email at

Please be sure to print or save any progress reports or course info you wish to keep for your records before canceling. Please allow 24 business hours for us to complete any cancellation or pause requests.

It is important to note, we can not offer refunds after the initial 30 days of enrollment, but you can cancel at any time. If you paid for an annual membership, we will wait to deactivate your membership until the end of your 12th month.

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