Is this a full curriculum or will I need to supplement?

Our programs include a complete curriculum!

Students working at the elementary level (Pre-College Prep) will have Math, Reading, and Language Arts with Science and History heavily integrated into Reading and Language Arts lessons. Elementary students also have access to additional resources and activities in our Members Only Resource Hub for additional science, civics, foreign language, financial literacy, typing, and more.

Once students reach the 6th grade level for Math, they qualify for a middle school science course. Once they reach the 6th grade level for Reading and Language Arts, they qualify for a middle school history course and one elective.

Any student enrolled in our high school program (College Prep) must assess at or on a 6th grade level for Math, Reading, and Language Arts. Our high school program allows students to enroll in all of their courses in a traditional high school fashion. They will be able to have the four core courses and as many electives as they can successfully complete. We have over 130 courses to choose from via our Course Catalog.

All add on courses can be added after enrollment by enrolling in them inside of the Parent Resource Hub.

There are teacher graded writing assignments built into to program and graded by our Coaching Team. There is no grading requirement for parents.

Students enrolled in our FA3D program will do Math, Reading, and Language Arts online as well as Science, History, and all electives via projects. When FA3D students reach high school, they will have additional online courses added to their projects. FA3D is a full curriculum that covers all the same topics as our FAPrep program in a unique way.

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