Mystery Monday

Mystery Monday is Here!

Can you solve today's mystery?

Solve the case and submit your answers to us no later than Monday at midnight to receive your $5 FunBucks. Students can submit their answers via the Resource Hub or the Admin and Academic Hub. Let the mystery solving begin!

Cop Out

Samuel was speeding around a corner when he saw a police officer sitting in his cruiser pointing a radar gun directly at him. Instead of slowing down, Samuel went even faster! The officer turned on his lights and pulled Samuel over and gave him a hefty fine. Samuel wasn’t a criminal and wasn't trying to escape.

Why didn’t Samuel stop?


Samuel wasn’t in a hurry to get someplace.

Samuel didn’t think he would get a ticket.

He knew he was speeding and deserved a ticket.

He usually drove over the speed limit on this road without getting a ticket.

You can submit your answers via the Resource Hub or the Admin Hub on the Campus.

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